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Institute of Plant Sciences

Biochemistry and Physiology of Plants

ETH Zurich, LFW D46.1
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Florian M. Freimoser, PhD

Tel: +41 +44 632 38 44
Fax: +41 +44 632 10 44

ffreimoser "at" ethz.ch


The molecule we study is so plain
the inorganic polyphosphate chain

The focus of the research in our group is a simple molecule: inorganic polyphosphate (poly P).
Poly P is a linear polymer that consists of a variable number of phosphate residues (from three to more than a thousand) that are linked by energy-rich phosphoanhydride bonds. It has been detected in all organisms and living cells and was found in many organelles. In eukaryotes, poly P is particularly prominent in fungi, algae and trypanosomatids. Poly P serves as a phosphate and energy store and regulates enzymes, chromatin condensation and translation. Poly P is also involved in bacterial pathogenicity, survival during stationary phase in bacteria and yeast, or the adaptation to alkaline and osmotic stress. In the slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum, poly P regulates development and predation behaviour, and in humans blood coagulation is accelerated and fibrinolysis is delayed by poly P. In our group we study poly P metabolism and functions in eukaryotes and we work mostly with yeast, filamentous fungi and algae. If you would like to learn more about our research or our group please visit our other pages. Or visit the website of the whole group of Prof. Amrhein, of which our lab is a part.


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